Are you serious about KAYAK FISHING?

When our product designer, Jeff Muller, asked me what we could do to improve the features of our F-SPEC OUTFITTING as found on the Solaris F-SPEC and the PFDiva F-SPEC, my first response was….”hummm, I gotta think about that a bit, sunshine.”  After all, I am NOT a fishing expert. Although I did grow up on Pewaukee Lake in SE Wisconsin, where just off our pier near Beach Park Circle droves of fishermen would float around in search of the famous monster MUSKIE (or is that MUSKY?).  And my Dad, John Koch, and my brother Johnny AKA “the Iceman”, are big catch and release fly fishermen (from Wis to Alaska , to the Gunnison River in Colorado)…growing up with fishermen AROUND you does not make you an expert. What we need is the feedback and expert advice of real users.  We need REAL REELERS here!

And so to facebook and our professional fishing-folk friends we turn.


We THANK YOU for your input. YOU help us build a better mouse-trap. Or is that FISH-TRAP?

Lili Colby

Cheif PFDiva


Fisher folk come in both sexes...
New PFDiva F-SPEC for customer at Jersey Paddler's PADDLEFEST 2010






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