Getting ready for OUTDOOR RETAILER 2011

It’s all go at MTI central as our sales, marketing, and design team get ready for our biggest trade show of the year: OUTDOOR RETAILER. We’ll be debuting the 2012 MTI Collection to our dealer partners, the press, and the product reviewers.

JEFF MULLER and GORDON COLBY have been busy this past year, bringing 10 new models to the MTI line for 2012!
* Whitewater
* Professional
* Kids
*Kayak Fishing
* Women Specific
* Versatile Recreational    * and even a new color for the underDOG


Love to SUP-it!


4 thoughts on “Getting ready for OUTDOOR RETAILER 2011

  1. Trevor Anthony Loomis August 6, 2011 / 6:24 am

    I bought an MTI rain jacket last year, best rain jacket I have ever owned. Good fit, looks great, hood that folds out of the way, and micro-velcro cuffs don’t catch on anything. It was also great for crew, sometimes if we were missing a coxswain and other members of our boat I’d be a replacement coxswain, and it’s very nice having a waterproof jacket when getting splashed from the oars.

    However, I’m a little leery about using it for activities such as when I row or when I’m biking. It was an expensive jacket and if it were to be damaged I can’t simply get a replacement. Because of this I have to limit when I wear the jacket, which is a disappointment.


    • mtiadventurewear August 12, 2011 / 3:57 pm

      Dear Trevor,

      You only live once. Unless you believe in reincarnation. But if THIS life is not a rehearsal for you, why save something like a rain jacket just for a rainy day? Trevor, the PFDiva says: LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL and DARE TO WEAR OUT THAT JACKET!!! Have fun! Enjoy recreating on that great water planet of ours! Good times and living life to the full is worth beating up your gear for!

      This is, of course, my personal opinion. Please treat your gear in the manner that you wish. But you would be among friends if you end up wearing out the stuff that helps you to LIVE LARGE OUTSIDE!

      The PFDiva


  2. Jim February 21, 2012 / 3:33 am

    I love life jackets


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