MTI Bob – Review

We think that the Bob is a great performance youth PFD, but we’re glad to know we’re not the only ones. Longtime dealer, Barbara at Chattooga Whitewater Outfitters in Long Creek, SC, wrote to us to tell us why it’s the only youth jacket they sell!


“Put an end to arguing with your kids about having to wear their life jacket!

At Chattooga Whitewater Outfitters, we have been selling the Bob jacket for kids for about four years now. I’ve been in the whitewater retail industry for 30 years and this is by far the best kids jacket I’ve seen.  I think what makes this such a great jacket is that the kids love it. Most children’s jackets are bulky and uncomfortable for the kids. They can’t wait to take them off. The Bob jacket is streamlined for the kids giving them plenty of arm room. Plus, it looks a lot like the whitewater jackets their parents are wearing and that makes it cool. The jackets have pockets so any treasures the kids find on the river or at the beach, (rocks and seashells) can be tucked safely away in their pocket. As we all know, once our children are cold, all the fun is over for everyone. The Bob jacket addressed this issue by putting hand warmers in the pockets. That’s right, Hand Warmers! I’ve seen kids keep their jackets on long after the river trip has ended. That shows how much they like it and how comfortable it is for them. It is the best recreational investment a parent can make.”

Barbara works with the Chattooga Conservancy to protect, promote and restore the natural ecological integrity of the Chattooga River watershed ecosystem. They strive to educate and empower communities to practice good stewardship on public and private lands. As paddlers, we can all appreciate that! The Chattooga Conservancy will be auctioning off a Bob life jacket at their Stay Wild fundraiser on April 29, 2016. Check out their Facebook event!Chattooga Sponsor Request


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