Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go outside

By Jim Travers

Note the six feet of space between this kayaker and their paddling partner.

Between squirts of hand sanitizer, maintaining a safe distance from other humans, and pondering the global supply of toilet paper, it is important to remember to take care of ourselves during these trying times – both mentally and physically. 

One way to do that is by taking a break from the hysteria of social media and cable news long enough to go outside, breathe the air, and get some exercise. Doing so is not just possible but can be therapeutic even for those hunkered down at home, regardless if that just means walking around your yard or neighborhood. The beauty of the great outdoors is that there are plenty of places within easy reach of most of us that can provide not just a change of scenery from our homes, but even some inspiration, and the opportunity to feel the sun and fresh air. 

Fish are not known carriers of COVID-19, to the ocean we go!

While it might seem somewhat self-serving for a life jacket company to suggest going out for a paddle or a hike at times like these, that is really not what this is about. The reason many of us are in the outdoor industry is not simply to make a living, it is because we are passionate about the outdoors and the many benefits getting out in nature can bring ourselves and our families. That goes double in times like these. 

Stay healthy, and stay safe.  

Questions about COVID-19 and life jackets? Check out our blog, COVID-19 Update: Information and Sanitation Methods

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