Cape Cod Kayak, MA


When you think of Cape Cod, you probably conjure long sandy beaches, towering dunes and beautiful seaside homes. As the ocean wanders its way into shore, it creeps into the salt marshes and ponds, creating so many beautiful places to paddle. Places that are teeming with shore birds and fish, and some of them are even still a secret. But if you visit the folks at Cape Cod Kayak in Pocasset, MA, they may just tell you how to get there.

Shhh… I think this is one of the secret ones.

What is now “THE Kayakers Candy Shop” according to owner Kim Fernandes, started 21 years ago in her backyard, with a homemade trailer and six kayaks. Two tours a week along the waterways soon turned into many more, and Cape Cod Kayak has grown into a full-service retail store with a fleet of over 60 rental kayaks.

Another happy group of customers after a tour among the protected marshes. They look pretty comfy in their MTI life jackets!


“We rent everything from entry level recreational kayaks to high end sea kayaks,” says Kim. “[We are a] small local business,” says Kim, “which means specialized personal attention for each and every client trying to choose the proper kayak the first time. A paddle weighted and sized to specific needs, and an appropriately fitting and suitable PFD for each and every purpose.” None of this is too surprising when it comes to small paddle shops, but they do throw in a free trip with every new kayak they sell. Tough to compete with million dollar views as a bonus.

Just some of the boats they carry.

Kim isn’t shy about how she feels about Cape Cod. “We have the best sunsets in the world!” she exclaims. “Plus, we have the best staff evah!” she says with that iconic New England accent that has been entertaining tourists for generations. You would be crazy to not follow in their footsteps and take a trip to Cape Cod.

This place hasn’t gone to the dogs just yet, but they do cater to them with MTI’s UnderDog life jacket.

True to their word, Cape Cod Kayaks carries everything a paddler could need. This Saturday they are doing a demo with Eddyline kayaks, known for their light weight and high performance. We can’t think of a better match up for these beautiful boats than the shores of Cape Cod. Check out their Facebook page for more details.

Come try an Eddyline!

Press Release – MTI to launch Camo Cod Series at ICAST 2016

Plympton, MA— April 1, 2016 Following last year’s introduction of the UNDERCOD vest for commercial fishing, MTI Adventurewear plans to expand the product line to the Sportfishing market at the upcoming ICAST show in July with the CAMO COD SERIES.  Based on the bestselling UNDERDOG life vest for pets, the UNDERCOD was developed to address the sinking Cod Fish population in the North Atlantic. Continue reading